Why Are There So Many Songs About Rainbows?

Wow, it is Friday already?! I can't believe that this week went by so fast! I didn't get 1/2 the things done that I had wanted to - isn't that always the way? Plus the weather was rainy all week - next week it's supposed to be sunny in the high 80's - go figure!

I do feel recharged though, so perhaps I should be content with that. I'm also happy because I saw the most beautiful rainbow while coming out of the commissary after a rainstorm - these pictures don't do it justice, but I didn't have my camera with me, just my husband's phone! I've never seen an entire rainbow before - usually just one end or part of it. This time it was the entire arch - right in front of the commissary entrance. My husband and I stopped in awe and everyone going in and out was smiling -  it was one of those sights that make you feel happy just to be alive.

 Short and sweet tonight, but I have managed to make a few new games and such for spring and Easter, plus I'll have a fun addition freebie for you tomorrow, so be sure to check back!

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Delighted said... Reply to comment

Those are beautiful rainbows! I never have my camera with me with I need it! Thanks for posting! I'm enjoying it from afar.

First Grade Delight

Ms. Gaither said... Reply to comment

Awesome pictures! You were one of the winners in my little giveaway and I was wondering if you wanted the Very Hungry Caterpillar Emergency Sub Plans or if you had that one and wanted a different one. Email me and let me know.
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Elisabeth said... Reply to comment

My husband was on spring break as well this past week and it rained every.single.day! He was pretty upset about. Now the weekend is as perfect as can be! Great rainbow pictures- hope you enjoy your weekend!

Tales of An Elementary Teacher

Unknown said... Reply to comment

I will now have Rainbow Connection in my head for the rest of the day =) Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing them.

Kinder Kraziness

School Sparks Renee said... Reply to comment

Jennifer - Your pictures are great. Nice to think about Spring and seeing more rainbows. Yep - I'm also humming "Rainbow Connection" now, but I love it!