Prayers Please!!

I am going out of my mind today because my husband is going to the promotion board this afternoon at 2:00pm. Ack! That's still  2 hours away! I am on pins and needles, so stressed out for him. The promotion board is a big deal and he's been studying for weeks. If you happen to be motivated to say a prayer for him to stay calm and not get stressed out we would really appreciate it! Although a promotion would mean a pay raise, I'm more worried about him feeling good about himself, so I really hope he does well since he's worked so hard! I will post again tonight, I still have Farley's Currently linky party to join, so please don't tell the bloggy etiquette police on me for double posting in one day!

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Jennifer said... Reply to comment

Saying a prayer right NOW
Rowdy in First Grade

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said... Reply to comment

First Grade Blue Skies

Laura Starnes said... Reply to comment

Praying!!! (and crossing fingers too =)

Kinder Kraziness

Mrs. Cupcake said... Reply to comment

I hope it all works out!! :)
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Ms. Chrissy B said... Reply to comment

Hope everything goes well!
Buzzing with Ms. B

Erica said... Reply to comment

You are in my prayers. ow did it all turn out?


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