Successful Observation Plus a Freebie!

Whew! We survived the dreaded observation! Thanks so much for all the encouragement! We were remarkably well behaved, considering that our principal was over 10 minutes late, so we were waiting in limbo - during that time we did some exercising including lots of crossover moves to activate both hemispheres of the brain, we also got some of our chatter and wiggles out with a quick bear hunt:
Then I calmed them down again with our favorite sign language song:
We were on the 2nd verse when our principal walked in so she got to see us perform the last little bit, which she enjoyed, for some reason people are always impressed when you throw in a little sign language!

I then proceeded to teach my big lesson on comparative endings - which I'm trying to develop an activity for by the way, since I found zilch already made online. I did have a very nice powerpoint and a smartboard activity, complete with a 10 question closure after which I sent my kiddos back to their seat with a worksheet. I know, I know, but our principal is old school and likes to see all the kids doing the same thing at the same time.

There were no major disruptions, I had let my kiddos know in advance that we were going to have visitors (there was a curriculum walk through by some district bigwigs today too!) and that their behavior was going to determine whether they stayed in 1st or went on to 2nd grade next year lol. I also promised them a goodie if they all behaved, so maybe that helped too! I did have one child fall asleep in the middle of the Smartboard lesson, but I noticed before the principal did and managed to wake her up while playing it off to look like she was just daydreaming. The poor kid had just told me about how she doesn't have a proper bed at home right now and can't sleep at night and asked if she could take a nap in our classroom rather than have recess, so I totally understood why she fell asleep, I'm just glad no one caught her but me!

Once the observation went over we let out all our tension with some construction paper and glitter! We made our Valentines for our friends in Florida from the Be My Valentine Exchange coordinated by Caitlin and Sarah! It is amazing how well they matched us up! We both teach 1st grade and have 20 students - ten boys and ten girls in each class! My students are so excited and they used a ton of glitter on their cards! Tomorrow we finish up the letters we are writing and then I will pop it all in the mail after school! 

In thanks for all your support, here is a freebie that goes along with one of my favorite Valentine's Day books (and I got such a kick today when a student asked me where the "m" was when I wrote Happy Valentine's Day on the board - she was pronouncing it "Valentime's Day!") Love, Splat and Splat the Cat: Funny Valentine are fun read alouds,

Splat the cat is one of our favorite friends - and I am dying to order the little plush Splat and Kitten to go with the book!

Aren't the adorable?? So, with the help of my super-talented daughter (luckily she got the artsy gene from her daddy!) I made this little "craftivity. I plan to have my kiddos write a poem in the heart - but feel free to improvise with whatever writing you feel is appropriate for your kiddos!

You can download the template to make him for FREE in my TPT store! Just click here!

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Jennifer said... Reply to comment

Love your Splat craftivity!! It is too cute!

The First Grade Dream

Ms. Chrissy B said... Reply to comment

So glad it went well! Do your 'I'm done' dance! :)

Buzzing with Ms. B

Tonia said... Reply to comment

Thanks for Splat! We just love him.

Unknown said... Reply to comment

Glad it went well...Love Splat!
First Grade Blue Skies

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

I'm glad the observation went well. I actually thought about you and wondered. I feel like dying when I hear about kids who don't have beds, sleep, food, whatever. I don't know if I'll make it until retirement without letting someone come live with me at my house. :)

Thank you for sharing. I love to read about what you do.

First in Maine

Lori said... Reply to comment

Yay on the observation going well! Love the Splat template. I have kids pronounce Valentine's with an m too!
Conversations in Literacy

Busy Bees said... Reply to comment

So glad it went well...I had 6 principals from our district observing in my room last week to practice this new i-observation that they are trying to get started. Can you say YIKES!! It went perfect and my kids had no idea they were in the room for their 5 minutes!! Love the Splat!!

Connie Jensen said... Reply to comment

Yeehaw! We had a great time making Splat on Valentine's Day. Thank you!

Stéphanie said... Reply to comment

Thanks for this freebie! I might be stupid but how I can download it? Scribd asks me to pay...

Jennifer K. said... Reply to comment

Hi Stephanie!
This item is available in my TPT store as a free download for those that can't access Scribd. Thanks!