Seussing it Up!

We're Seussing it up next week! We've got a week of activities planned, including dressing up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 complete with blue wigs! The other two 2 1st grade teachers will be our Cats in the Hats. My room is surrounded by our kindergarten and T1 classes, so I tend to plan more with them than with the other 1st grade classes since they are a hallway away! We'll also be doing green eggs and ham - my kindergarten partner is going to cook it in her room...unless I decided to mix it up and do this fabulous deviled green eggs and ham sandwiches instead:
Pinterest idea:

I even got a brag tag to commemorate this week for my kiddos:
My husband is almost finished with my Brag Tag board and then I'll be posting more about my experience with Brag Tags (plus there may be a giveaway!) so check back next week for that!

My daughter and I are spending today coming up with a few more craftivities and ideas for next week, including something for my classroom tree. I am completely stumped (haha!) as to how to make it Seussy!. For now though, check out this super-cute truffula tree she made for me! This is one of the activities we'll be doing in class, along with this writing paper.

Just click on the picture to grab it for free in my TPT store! Speaking of, I've put up quite a few items lately, including some freebies, so please check them out  ; )
I love to get comments, so I'll give away a copy of my new Seussy Word Families unit to the first two followers to rustle up a comment below!

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Kim said... Reply to comment

I am loving everything you are making lately!


Jennifer said... Reply to comment

Love your brag tags!! Your word families look great!!!!

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msdora162 said... Reply to comment

This is a very cute packet. I would love to use it with my kinders. They need all the practice they can get with word families. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said... Reply to comment

Love your brag tags! Love your word families unit! What a fun Seuss week! :)
I am having a giveaway! Come visit! :)
Crayons and Curls

Sandra said... Reply to comment

Missed!!! But I was busy looking at that tree!!! It is soooo cute!!! :) My kiddos would LOVE to make that! Thanks for the idea!
❤ Sandra
Sweet Times in First

Unknown said... Reply to comment

Love those brag tags! and all your other ideas, it's Seuss week for me too! Thanks for sharing!!

Debbie said... Reply to comment

Oh! I missed looks great! Thanks for all you share

Holly said... Reply to comment

Oh my goodness - SO DARN CUTE...and why, oh why, do I always miss these "be the first________"? LOL Thanks for always sharing your creations so freely!!!

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Miss Squirrels said... Reply to comment

Those word families are great!

And I love the tree~ you are very lucky to have a daughter to help you create such cute activities!:)

Going Nutty!

Unknown said... Reply to comment

Very cute trees!

First Grade Blue SKies said... Reply to comment

Super cute. I just love Dr. Suess. Looking forward to this week with my kkids!

Andrea said... Reply to comment

I bought the Seuss Word Families and it is soooooo cute!!! Thank you for the freebie too. :)

Ms. Chrissy B said... Reply to comment

Oh, how cute :) I wish we could celebrate Dr. Seuss day with my big kids.
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