Favorite Thanksgiving book linky party!

I posted the other day about my favorite Thanksgiving read-alouds (click here to see!) but there's a linky party at TBA and I wanted to talk a little about non fiction Thanksgiving books! I love reading all the cute fiction stories for Thanksgiving, but I think it's important that we spend a little time on non-fiction as well. Here are some of my faves:

1621: A New Look At Thanksgiving: This book gives a more historically accurate presentation of of the first Thanksgiving. For instance there was no turkey served at the first Thanksgiving. The Plimoth Plantation cooperated with the Wampanoag community to stage an historically accurate reenactment and the book has photographs taken from that event. This is geared a bit to the higher grades (3rd-5th) but you can certainly show the pictures and talk about the story with younger kiddos.
If You Were At The First Thanksgiving: This is a question-answer style book that gives some more facts about the first thanksgiving - including the chores that children did to help prepare for the feast! Again, it's aimed at 2nd grade and up, but as a read aloud I think it works fine.

The First Thanksgiving: A Level 3 easy reader with watercolor illustrations - perfect for my first graders to read independently! (okay...most of my first graders....okay, okay, some of my first graders!)

Thanksgiving: I'm throwing this one in here because it has an index and a glossary as well as a timeline - all features I think are important for my firsties to learn about.

Animals On The Farm: Turkeys and Wild Turkeys: two non fiction books about turkeys - I mean, they're the stars of the feast, we should learn a little bit about them, right?

So, not as cute as the fiction ones I know, but I really think that you should have at least a couple of these on your bookshelf. I also find that my higher level kiddos (particularly boys) enjoy the non-fiction reads quite a bit, so it's worth investing in one or two to throw in amongst the fiction stories just to keep everyone focused :)
Don't forget to head back to TBA to check out the rest of the linky party! And, click here be taken to the Thanksgiving freebies I've been posting lately!

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