I am linking up with Oh Boy 4th Grade! for a Currently Linky Party! I love that she gave us the picture to customize - any excuse to play on Picnik lol!

I cannot believe that I haven't been following Eberhart's Explorers before, seriously loving her ideas!

Our copy machine was broken on Monday and Tuesday (again!), but it finally got fixed so I was doing a happy dance as I made my copies for the day! Until it suddenly stopped, 1/2 way through my stacks of papers, and informed me that it would not print one single paper more without a Xerographic Module! Now apparently the Module is on order, but that information did not satisfy our copier at all. So, no copies for the foreseeable future...I guess our dry erase boards will be getting a work out this week! What do you do when the copier breaks down? (please tell me this happens at all schools and you all have some great way to work around it that I just don't know about!)

In other news, my sweetheart who was having so many issues came to school today with a big grin on his face, clean clothes and wide awake for the first time in weeks (a good night's sleep will do wonders!) He hugged me several times through out the day and told me he loved me - which is amazing for this little guy! I was so relieved to see him walk into so obviously happy to our Wakin' and Shakin' assembly this morning that I got tears in my eyes and had to look away. I had been worried that he would be upset with me or freaked out, but he seriously was happier than I've seen him in a long time and that made me feel much better!

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Oh yah! I can totally relate to NOT having a working copy machine. I HATE the copy machine! I have made it my mission to copy as little as possible because I HATE that dang machine! Plus, it doesn't help when your own colleagues jam up the machine and then just WALK AWAY like it never happened. Then, the next, poor, unsuspecting person who tries to use the machine makes it even worse. So, by the time our secretary can come to fix it, it is so beyond repair we have to wait forever for the repair guy!! Did I mention that I HATE the copy machine!

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