Pet Peeve linky party

Alisha from The Bubble Blonde is having a Classroom Pet Peeve Linky Party. Now, I'm sure that these will not even come up this year, because this year is going to be the best year ever! (positive affirmations might work, right?!) but, here are my top 3:

1. "He did it first!" or "He was doing it too!" Oh my goodness! I really cannot take this one. I had a little guy who went through this stage during the 4th quarter last year. Suddenly, every thing he did was because someone else (who I never saw) was doing it. Seriously, even if the entire class was standing on their chair, you're still not supposed to do it!

2. "He cut me!" I absolutely cannot stand it when kiddos say this in line. First of all, where do they learn it!? Most of my kids don't even go to pre-k, so where do they pick this gem up? I always respond with "Does he have a knife or scissors? No? Then I guess he didn't cut you right?"

3. Disappearing pencils. I have a basket for sharpened pencils and one for pencils that need sharpening. It always amazes me that I can sharpen 20 pencils one day and the next day no one has a sharpened pencil but the "needs sharpening" basket is empty. I suspect that some of my pencils must be sneaking home with my kinders, but actually I can't get too upset about this one because at least they are writing right?

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Amanda Plum said... Reply to comment

I thought I was the only one who responded that way to "he cut me!" Although when my students say it, it's usually "He cutted me!" How funny :)

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