Happy Birthday Laura Numeroff!!

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (If You Give...)
Ingles360 is having a book party in honor of Laura Numeroff's birthday and I had to join in! I have been reading her books to my own children for years, and this year I did a Laura Numeroff author study with my kinders.Our school had signed up with StudentTreasures to publish a class book and I knew that a circle book was the way to go! We voted on what type of animal to write about and decided that since we already knew how to draw penguins (thanks to Heidisongs guided drawings!) that was the animal we would go with. For 2 days we brainstormed and wrote our story (I wrote it up on our SmartBoard while my kinders decided what would come next). The great thing was that they had to really use their thinking skills in order to get the story to make sense, it was hilarious what they came up with! Next I divided the story into 1 page for each child. I assigned the pages with more words to my higher level students. I printed out what each page should say and the students copied them onto the book pages. I then went over it with a Sharpie so it would stand out. Each child then made an illustration that matched what they wrote - we practiced on scrap paper first and then when they were happy with their work they drew on the actual book page. We used markers to color the pictures. Here are some pictures of our published book:

I think it turned out great, and my kinders were so proud of themselves! I received one book free, and I ordered 2 more, which was good since it was a favorite during independent reading time!

I will definitely be doing another Laura Numeroff author study this year, and I'll get to add a new book in October!
If You Give a Dog a Donut by Laura Numeroff: Book Cover

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Thanks for joining!
I am also planning to buy this book! Can't wait to read it with my kids!

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