Classroom Theme!

I have decided on my classroom theme! I am super excited, because I knew I wanted to change it up this year, but I couldn't think of a theme I wanted to do. Well, actually I did think of this theme, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of stuff out there for it so I was discouraged. Then, I got an email from Vistaprint about their sale right now and decided to play around with different pictures and sayings. I ordered 100 postcards, 10 note cards, 2 banners, a shirt and a stamp all for less than $20 with shipping!

Here's what I came up with:

A Forest of Possibilities:
Mrs. Knopf's R.E.A.D.Y. Raccoons
(Responsible, Eager, Adorable, Determined Young Raccoons)

Yep, a forest theme! I found tons of resources for rain forest themes, but very little for a deciduous forest theme! I will just have to be creative I guess, but I am recruiting all the help I can get so if you have any ideas please leave a comment for me!

After that, I found this website which takes pictures from your computer and enlarges them into posters. The result is fabulous! You can choose how many sheets of paper wide your poster will be, then just print it out! The bigger you go the more pixelated it becomes. Here's an example:

Picture I used:

I haven't taped this one together or added the border yet, but here's what it looks like just laid out:
2 Sheets wide.

Thus, for just the cost of ink and paper, you can take any picture and make it as large as you want! I can think of all sorts of fabulous ideas for this, I can't wait to get in my classroom and start working now!

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Anonymous said... Reply to comment

very cool idea! I have a friend who was saying she and her coworkers wanted to do a forest thing but were having trouble finding things. I'll send her your way so she can see what you find! :)


Mrs. Coe said... Reply to comment

There is a bulletin board pack I have used for years and it might be called Big Tree. I have found it at all major teacher stores. If you take the plunge and buy two of them you will have plenty of the animals and you can add to it. I do a hige Tree Homes unit for years and I host trainings on the GEMS unit in my district. If you get that set you will be good to go!

Pamela said... Reply to comment

Oh my gosh! It's fate! I just went to Target yesterday (again) and saw these cute woodland creatures camping chairs maybe for your library or something. Decent price. Check my blog tomorrow (I'll post it later tonight if my beautiful baby decides to fall asleep and stay asleep) to see the pic I took. Hope it helps.

Pamela said... Reply to comment

Oh duh. It's :-)

Jennifer Knopf said... Reply to comment

@Mrs. Coe

Thank you for the suggestion! I just looked it up and it's from Carson Dellosa - they have 2 different kinds, both very cute! My local teacher store is having their back-to-school sale this weekend, I will see if I can pick it up then!

Jennifer Knopf said... Reply to comment


Thanks Sheri, I'll make sure to keep updating with what I find, it's such a cute theme, I can't believe there's not more out there!

Jennifer Knopf said... Reply to comment


Thanks Pamela, I will be looking for your post! I am going to Target next week! (it's over an hour's drive from me - which might be a good thing, other wise I'd always be shopping lol!

Pamela said... Reply to comment

An hour! I guess that's good and bad :) Picture's up. Take a look.

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